Manuels et Fournitures
  • Textbooks for French programs can be ordered locally from Culture & Co: /  Al Nasr Plaza building – Oud Metha, Street 10 – Oud Metha Metro Station,  Tel. +971 4 3573603
  • English textbooks can be purchased until the first weeks of the start of the school year; they can be ordered from Bookmark Trading LLC ( ). Payment will be made online and textbooks can be picked up from the shop in Deira, Al Khabaisi Road, DBC BLDG, Office G2. (+971.55.3755991) 
  • Arabic (ALM and ALE) and religion textbooks are provided by the school at the beginning of the school year


  • Some textbooks do not appear on the lists; these are manuals (paper or digital) which will be provided by the establishment at the beginning of the school year.
  • Maternelle
  • Elémentaire
  • Secondaire
  • iPad

 iPad orders will run from May 23, 2023 to July 30, 2023.

The ordered iPad will be delivered to the school the 3rd week of August. The school’s technical engineers will configure the iPad upon receipt with all the necessary software and files.

The iPad will then be given to all students in their classes.

Parents who wish to provide the iPad of their choice (min. 7th generation, Storage 64GB) to the IT department of the school must make an appointment from Friday August 18, 2023. The configuration will take place between August 18 and August 31 2023.


The ICS company has been working with the LFI for several years on connected classes and today offers a package including a 10th generation 64GB iPad at 1750 aed (Apple retail price: 1849 aed), a shell (180 aed) and ICScare insurance for three years (395 aed). In total, the cost is therefore 2325 aed.

The ICScare insurance covers the immediate replacement of the iPad in the event of failure or breakage (be careful, in the event of breakage, each repair will cost up to 300 aed) with restoration of the student’s data – this includes in particular the software Apple System Manager essential for using the iPad in class.

Parents of CM1, CM2 and 6eme, 5eme have the option of buying directly or using their own iPad provided it is 8th generation and subscribing to « Care For Personal Device iPad Configuration » for 395 aed for 2 years.

However, pay attention to the following points:

  • large surface iPads can have an attractive entry price: however, you have to add VAT, the cover and ICScare for Configuration.
  • ICScare is a customization of AppleCare. The big difference is in replacement (not immediate with AppleCare, immediate with ICScare), in the cost of repairs in the event of breakage (2 possible replacements during the term of the insurance for 10% of the price of the iPad with AppleCare; no replacement limit but cost up to 300 aed with ICScare), data restoration (none with AppleCare; provided with ICScare).

In summary, parents have the choice between:

  • order before Wednesday, July 30, 2023 an iPad configured with ICS, with the insurance of 2325aed for 2 years.
  • provide the iPad of their choice (min. 7th generation, Storage 64GB) to the school’s IT department from friday August 18, 2023. Setup will take place between August 18 and 31. You will need to make an appointment in advance:

For parents who wish to use their own iPad,

Contact the IT Department:

iPad buying guide

The FIS offers the possibility of purchasing the Ipad directly from the establishment. It is not an obligation. However, if you obtain the iPad on your own, the configuration (personal device service) must be carried out by the school’s technical department.
You will find all the details in the following document: Device configuration
 The implementation of this procedure makes it possible on the one hand to reduce the difficulties of configuring the device and installing software and on the other hand to significantly increase the cybersecurity linked to the use of the iPad. 
The iPad will be delivered directly to your child at school, already configured and equipped with all the necessary protection software.

You can discover this service by clicking on the following link:

Personal iPad Setup Procedures:

1.Service to Configure your Personal Devices – 395AED

2.Erase all the content and settings in the iPad. Take the iPad to the Ipad Technical IT Department into the Initial Settings page. 

3.Kindly remove the iCloud account and personal pictures whatever in the iPad pls remove  it.

4.School Personal Device Configuration for the iPad will take 20 mins to 30 mins.

5.Once the configuration is done on the iPad. School will supervise the iPad and they installed the applications and all through MDM.

6.  Including LICENSE IPAD MDM Mobility Device Management

7. Including 200GB of iCloud storage via school Apple ID

8.Including Temporary IPAD replacement in case of failure for 10 days

9.Including Installation & Setup Licenses & all Educational Programs required

10.The App Store will be deactivated on the iPad for the classes CM1 to 5eme. The iPad is fully supervised and controlled by the school.

11.All the education necessary applications will automatically be installed in the iPad through MDM Process.

12.Incase of the iPad Missing or losing we have the location finder to locate the Geolocation and alarm for the notifications.

13. Including Service Support & Covering one -Academic year


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