Discours de mohammad Khalil prononcé lors de la cérémonie officielle de signature de convention entre la French American School de Rhode Island et le LFI de L’AFLEC de Dubaï

Today we make history for both The French American school and AFLEC Dubai, for the first time AFLEC students have been sent all the way from Dubai to discover and take part of this beautiful American culture. And we, students of AFLEC hope that one day students of The French American School will be able to discover our cultures too.

This experience is unforgettable, coming here was and will probably be one of my best decisions ever, not only do I have a chance to study in another country but also meet new people and culture this helps the student evade what we call culture shock, I have met new students and families and seen the nicest staffs and smiles, people here are friendly and helpful always offering never rejecting, very social which really decrease the chances of this feeling of loneliness

Here in The French American School I have noticed an exceptionally strong English speaking level not only in vocabulary but also comprehension, I have read many stories written by students here, not only are the stories unique and original but also very well formulated.

I believe this collaboration will enrich students culture and open up their doors for exploration if they were closed. I grew up in the UAE my whole life never have I ever seen different cultures, this experience opened up my eyes and I hope It will open other students eyes too


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