The Pupil Support Service is a department placed under the supervision of the Management and handled by Mrs. Marie Burot and her assistant Mr. Marlou Caraig.

 The core missions of this department are :

• Following-up on absences and delays (punctuality, attendance),
• Regulating the flows in and out of the school,
• Ensuring the compliance and respect of the internal rules and charts (dress code, respect of the uniform, respect of others and of civil behaviour),
• Ensuring student safety,
• Managing conflicts between students,
• Maintaining a relationship with the families.

The Pupil Support Service can be reached by email on marie.burot aflec-fr.org or on the extension 145.

In order to ensure a good cooperation and communication, here below are the procedures to follow in case of absence or delay.


For any arrival beyond the official hours fixed by the School, namely :
• 8:00-8:20 for the Maternal School (PS - MS - GS)
• 7:50-8:10 for the Elementary School (CP - CE1 - CE2 - CM1 - CM2)

the parents must present themselves at the reception to obtain an authorization for their child to enter the class.

In the case of 5 delays recorded per month, a letter will be sent to the families.


When a child is absent, parents must notify by email all concerned departments as soon as possible putting in cc :
• The Pupil Support Service marie.burot aflec-fr.org
• The bus (if this service is used) bus.lfi aflec-fr.org
• The teacher of the class.

WhatsApp, sms and mms cannot be accepted.

When an absence is not justified, the Pupil Support Service sends systematically an e-mail to the parents to inquire about the reason of the absence.

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